Our Wish List

LifeLine Animal Project operates a homeless animal rehabilitation and boarding facility, two spay & neuter clinics, and an office for human staff. Our dogs, cats, and humans depend on in-kind donations to keep everyone healthy and happy.

We are wishing for:

  • Cat Toys, because human skin can handle only so much "play" 
  • Dog Food, we use Nature’s Variety Dry Dog Food to keep the diet consistent 
  • Dog Treats, yet another way to show the dogs we love them (oh yeah, and for training!) 
  • Copy Paper, for printing our beautiful and informative materials 
  • Legal pads, for note-taking and brainstorming 
  • Laundry detergent, to wash out the... well, you know... to keep the laundry clean 
  • Printing services for direct mail and newsletter 
  • Martingale collars, all sizes, but mostly for medium to large dogs 
  • Medium size nylon collars, all dog’s like accessories 
  • Large Kong toys, to entertain our adoptable furry friends 
  • Wire crates for remote adoptions, like most of us, the dogs look best in black 
  • Power Washer (high pressure sprayer), for keeping the animal areas clean 
  • Scoopable and Clay Cat Litter, just back up the truck...we use a ton of the stuff 
  • Any brand dry cat food, to help out our feral friends 
  • Canned cat food, to keep the Kitty Motel residents happy 
  • Blankets, sheets and towels to make everyone more cozy (no large comforters please) 
  • And as you can imagine, we can always use more paper towels and toilet paper.

For more information on donating wish list items, you can visit our Amazon wishlist or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .