Our Dog for the Day program is a great way for our shelter pups to get out of the shelter for the day and decompress! It's such a fun opportunity, not only for our volunteers, but for our dogs as well! Read what our volunteers had to say about their pup + their day out!

Jerry Lee

 "Guys! I just had my first Dog for a Day. Jerry Lee from Dekalb was the sweetest guy ever. Very curious, great in the car and on a leash and totally didn't bark at one thing in Piedmont Park!" Meet Jerry Lee at our DeKalb County Animal Services location!


Brad Pitt

"Spent this wonderful spring day with Mr. Brad Pitt! Brad came to LifeLine after being burned on his face, however has come a long way. He loved exploring Cascade Falls and meeting friends at Grant Park today." Meet Brad Pitt at our Avondale Estates Location!



"The sweetest dog I've ever met! Ms. Cleopatra absolutely loved car rides & getting love from everyone in my house! Nobody can tell me that taking a sweet dog like Cleo out of the kennel for a couple hours doesn't make a difference!" Meet Cleopatra at our DeKalb County Animal Services location!



"I took Larry out for the day! I wasn't convinced it was Larry because he looks so different than his picture that's been online! He was so sweet, and got lots of pets from everyone at Tanyard Creek trail." Meet Larry at our Fulton County Animal Services location!



"Look who had a great day out today! Bellamy! There was a bath and a car ride and tennis balls and belly rubs and tennis balls and steak and ice cream and tennis balls! Did I mention tennis balls? This dude loves his tennis balls. He's going to need a home with tennis balls. We didn't find it today but we're still working on it. If you know anyone looking for a slightly older (4-ish year old) dude who's chill and good with other dogs and people, please point them to Bellamy. Even a family with younger kids would be OK - he did great with the four little ones he met today! Let's get this guy a family pronto!" Meet Bellamy at our DeKalb County Animal Services location!



"So we took Rufus out for dog for a day, he's an amazing guy, full of personality!!! He was so well-behaved, awesome with kids, and I can tell that even though he has a lot of energy, this big boy secretly wants to be a lap dog!! RUFUS RULES!!!" Meet Rufus at our DeKalb County Animal Services location!



"A quick stop at Pike Nursuries to pick up some soil and #notpeeingontheflowers." Meet Chester at our Fulton County Animal Services location!


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