feralsWe received a touching message from a customer of the LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinics and just had to share it!

Feral kitty tail amputationWe had to share this lovely message we recently received. In it Kim says, "TNR is often tough stuff - cats are outdoors, sometimes with limited shelter and medicine. Usually a nice family is feeding but not much more. So TNR can be emotionally hard sometimes. So sometimes the kindness shown by people is soo inspirational! Let me tell you my recent experience.

I was trapping the 12 feral cats for a nice older man in Griffin. He loves his little outdoor kitties and is paying the Lifeline fee of $25 each to have them fixed. LifeLine (College Park) called me to say that one kitten has a horribly manged tail. Flesh torn off, bone exposed, and would probably get infected. LifeLine (College Park) amputated the tail, and splices the skin back around the stub so that the kitten would heal. Then Lifeline (College Park) gave the little guy a long acting "Convenia" shot (a long acting antibiotic shot). As we talked, I guessed the cat was caught by a coyote but managed to get free, but his tail got mangled - the house is in a very rural area. I called the family and they agree that they used to have 14 outdoor cats and now they only have 12. So yeah, coyotes makes sense.

LifeLine is not making money when they charge only $25 per cat to fix feral cats. And they are definitely not making money when they take more time to amputate the poor kitty's tail. But I was so touched - the pain and the infection would have made that little kitten's life horrible. LifeLine went above and beyond for this little feral kitten that many people would not have cared about. To me, that is the biggest kindness - to show love and to help a feral kitten like that. I took pictures of the kitten's little rump after the surgery - so all you see is the little shaved stump. But I'm sure he feels better.

So super big thanks to the wonderful vets at LifeLine! I want to brag about the great job they do. Please everyone, next time you are at LifeLine, tell the staff that you really, REALLY appreciate the great work that they do! It is great people like this that keep me motivated."

LifeLine wants to thank Kim for her heartfelt message. We completely agree!

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