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FREE adoptions on select shelter animals! This October, Fall in Love with a Shelter Sweetheart! Shelter Sweethearts have already been spayed or neutered and are ready to go home with you TODAY. The best part? Their adoption is free! We have over 1,200 homeless pets in our care who would love to meet you. Stop by one of our LifeLine locations and meet your very own Shelter Sweetheart!

Lifeline Animal Project

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Pets Found: 958
Adult, Female, Medium
Animal ID: A39975186
Adult, Female, Large
Animal ID: A39975534
Adult, Female, Medium
Animal ID: A39974837
Adult, Female, Small
Animal ID: A39974711


Senior, Male, Large
Animal ID: A39344791
Baby, Female, Small
Animal ID: A39958076
Adult, Male, Small
Animal ID: A858534
Senior, Male, Medium
Animal ID: A858536
Adult, Male, Medium
Animal ID: A858535
Young, Male, Small
Animal ID: A858528
Adult, Male, Small
Animal ID: A39972541
Senior, Male, Small
Animal ID: A39972299
Adult, Female, Medium
Animal ID: A39972138
Adult, Female, Small
Animal ID: A39971297
Pets Found: 958

LifeLine Animal Project

Founded in 2002 and now managing DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services, LifeLine Animal Project is the leading non-profit organization working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in metro Atlanta shelters. Together, we will make Atlanta a no-kill community.

LifeLine Animal Project is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

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